Post by Patrick A. Linle » Thu, 19 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Is there any way to make Exchange detect and correct mail sent from a Novell
server that is (e.g.) for Central Time... -6 hours off?  Novell servers seem
to be able to report the correct time when mail is sent to another Novell
server (by knowing the timezone and GMT time), but when mail comes to an
Exchange server, it shows the incorrect time by not adjusting for the GMT

1. GUID, timestamp, version number in Contacts???

Hi there,

we are still running an Exchange 5.5 Server
and no Exchange 2000 Server with Active Directory.

In AD every property has an version number (for latest replica) and
Is there a version number and timestamp also in Contacts stored on a
Exchange 5.5 Server and how can I access this values if exist
via LDAP or ADSI ?

thanks in advance


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