Permission Problems

Permission Problems

Post by Ryan Morga » Fri, 07 Sep 2001 09:21:01

There are 2 Exchange 2K servers running Native mode in our organization and
a group has been created called Exchange Admins.  I have assigned
permissions in the ESM via the delegation wizard at the top level of the
ESM.  Exchange Admins have Full Administrator rights.  I can open anyone's
mailbox at my site (server1) but I can only open mailboxes on the remote
server(server2) if I explicitly add myself to the mailbox.  I always get
"Unable to display folder.  The Inbox folder could not be found." on any
mailbox I have not explicitly added myself to.  Also admin's at that site
(server 2) can only open mailbox's on my server (server1)as well.  They can
not open any mailbox's on their local server(server2) except there own of
course.  Have any idea's what I am missing.  Thanks a lot for your help.

1. Odd OWA permissions problem

We have an NT 4 Srv running IIS 4 and OWA from Exchange 5.5 SP4.  It
is accessing an EX 5.5 server running on a different NT 4 server.  The
two are in separate domains that have a two-way trust across a
firewall.  On the EX server domain I have a global group to which I
have added all the users.  On the OWA server, I have given that global
group "Log on Locally" rights and given them proper permissions to the
folders where the website lives.  The IIS is set up for Basic Auth.
with clear text password using SSL for encryption.

This works great!  Users are able to login from the EX doamin to the
OWA server and access everything properly.

However, I have one user (so far (waiting to hear from everyone to
make sure this is the only one)) that is part of the group that has
access that cannot log in.  After three attempts, get "401.1
Unauthorized: Login Failed" error.  Server logs event saying username
or password are incorrect (thanks, that was helpful).  I have
confirmed the username and password to make sure it is not just a user
error.  The user's permissions and group membership are identical to
those of users that work.  Have added the user individually to the
"log on Locally" rights and folder permissions.  Still no luck.

What the heck is going on?  Any solutions?  Help!!!


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