Organization: does it ma tter?

Organization: does it ma tter?

Post by Rich Matheis » Sat, 11 Oct 1997 04:00:00

>Does what you name or do with the "organization" make any difference in the
>scheme of things?  

Y-E-S!!! (Notice the emphasis?)

Quote:>What I mean is:  if my company organizes its servers
>into two or more organizations, will that have any negative impacts later
>when I try to include the addresses from each organization in the GAL of
>the other organization?  

You can exchange mail between organizations and you can create Custom
Recipients to represent users in other organizations, but you CANNOT
use directory synchronization between different organizations.
Anything in the GAL will only be there if it originates within the
organization of you place it there yourself.

Quote:>Let's say I have three organizations:  A, B, and C.  When it comes time to
>do directory replication, will there be any pain?   Are there any adverse
>effects if using IMS?  X.400 connector?  DRAS?  

There will be a searing moment of agonizing pain when you realize you
cannot do this! You CANNOT perform directroy replication between
different organizations!

Quote:>If anyone knows of a good source of information on the "organization" part
>of Exchange, I would be greatful.

The "Planning and Concepts" manual. Or just about any
introductory/intermediate level book on Exchange will have a section
on the organization of exchange.
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