Active Directory prevents installation

Active Directory prevents installation

Post by Dan » Mon, 31 Dec 2001 09:46:55

I am getting the error:
Setup failed while installing sub-component Microsoft
Windows 2000 Active Directory schema update with error
code 0xC00706BA (Please consult the installation logs for
a detailed description). You may cancel the installation
or try the failed step again.

I can't go any further than this, and Microsoft help isn't
much help...Any ideas?



Active Directory prevents installation

Post by Rick Springer [M » Wed, 02 Jan 2002 08:41:57

If you follow this technet article it will help you:
Q280178: EXCH 2000 Installation Requires Access to Schema Master

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1. Two new installation with Active Directory

HI I have this particular situation:
I have two servers running in my company, the first one
is the PDC and the second is the Exchange. We bought two
new servers in order to replace the servers that we have.

The current servers has Windows 2000 servers, Active
Directory and the PDC has Data and the Exchange obviously
has the database of the Exchange, but the Exchange is the
Enteprise 2000.

I need to do the replacement tomorrow afternoon, in the
mid time I need to setup both servers.
I'm a little confuse with the active directories that
both servers has, because one is the primary but the
exchange I'm not sure the configuration about this
because this one has the same menu that the first one has
in other words under Administrative tools both servers
has Active directory for users and computers, for site
and services and the domain and trust, the only
difference that I can see on the exchange doesn't have
the DNS, DHCP and the WINS.

I would like to have your help in how to work with both
new servers in order to replace the old ones...
For example if I setup the new one with active directory
on it, if I'm going to get conflict with the old servers
and also when I'm going to install the Exchange on the
new one with active directory what are the steps to
install the active directory in this one without to have
problems with the PDC and obviously with the Old server.

I would like to know how to install these new servers in
the network replacing the old one without problem... what
are steps or suggestion that you recommend in order to
work with 4 servers at the same time.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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