OWA says the server is down, even though the protocol is enabled

OWA says the server is down, even though the protocol is enabled

Post by Joh » Tue, 04 Jan 2000 04:00:00

        I have my http protocol enabled, and viewing public folders
anonymously is even enabled, but when I try to log into a box, I get
the "server is down or http disabled" message.  I've gone through the
troubleshooting steps in Q180417 to no avail.  Any ideas?

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Our Exchange Srvr 5.5 (SP4, NT4 SP6a + fixes)is being used
to relay messages, the culprit is getting
around the authentication (MS article Q199656 ) . We have
since installed sendmail to relay to our Exch server, this
way sendmail will do the ip authentication as well as only
allow mail destined for our own domain.
My question is , how are they getting around the

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