Auto Receipt

Auto Receipt

Post by Jason La » Sun, 14 Dec 1997 04:00:00

How do I configure the Exchange Server 5.0 to give back a receipt to the
sender when the mail is read ?  I noticed that when the incoming mail has a
header like this to request a receipt:

The system recognizes this and does give back a receipt when the mail is
read ( not just delivered.)

However, if the incoming mail message contains this header instead (when
requesting receipt):

Exchange fails to recognize it and hence does not give a receipt.  I don't
know if there are some other formats asking for receipts in this world.
But the "Disposition" header seems to be quite popular in many mailing
systems ( Pine, Eudora, etc.)  This "Receipt" header seems to be used by
Exchange only.

Is there anyway to configure Exchange such that all formats are recognized

Thanks for all suggestions.



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