exchange 2000 and instant messenger

exchange 2000 and instant messenger

Post by Michael Taylo » Mon, 07 Jan 2002 08:42:44

we setup an exchange 2000 server and mail is working fine... we tried to
setup instant messenger but it is not working properly... we can sign on to
the exchange server from the im client but we can only add contacts when a
contact is online, but we cannot send messages and also if we sign out of
the client the contact we added dissapears it does not remain in our
contacts list... I have never set this up before and have read all i could
find regarding setting it up but i obviously missed something????? does
anybody know what i am missing? any help would be appreciated or if you
could point me to any documentation relating to this type of problem... I
have searched ms site but find no mention of this particular problem????

we are just trying to use im from exchange not the public internet servers.

thank you

Michael Taylor