CDO for NTS with Exchange

CDO for NTS with Exchange

Post by Tim Runya » Fri, 23 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I would like to use the CDONTS Newmail object to send email from Active
Server Pages. For example

Set objMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail")

Set objMail = Nothing

In the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack Documentation on my SBS machine I found
the following statement:

" ... run the Internet Mail Service (IMS) Setup Wizard to enable CDO for
NTS. This configures CDO for NTS to use the SMTP services that Exchange

I think this is what I need to do to get the CDONTS Newmail object
operational with the Exchange service on my SBS machine. But I don't know
where the IMS Setup Wizard is, or how to use it to do this. Can anybody


1. Using CDO for NTS with Exchange Server

The CDO for NTS docs state the following:

<<<<<When CDO for NTS is running with IIS, the Inbox is a single common
folder shared by all SMTP recipients and applications. It contains all
messages received by IIS and destined for the local domains the SMTP
server is configured for. However, the incoming messages are segregated
by the CDO for NTS Library according to their recipients. An application
can only access messages destined for the address it used when it logged

When CDO for NTS is running with the Microsoft Exchange Server, the
Inbox is the regular Inbox of the messaging user's mailbox. When CDO for
NTS is running with Microsoft Exchange Express, the Inbox is the
messaging user's Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) server Inbox.

Applications developed to run with CDO for NTS can also run with CDO for
Exchange provided they do not use the NewMail object. Also, the Session
object's LogonSMTP method should be changed to the CDO for Exchange
session's Logon method. >>>>>

Has anybody used CDO for NTS on a box running Exchange Server?  How does
one log into the Exchange server in order to use the POP3 functionality
of the INBOX?  CDO for NTS does not support authenticated login.  How
can I send mail through the SMTP component of Exchange?


Don Adams

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