Failure to upgrade Exchange 2000, can anyone help?

Failure to upgrade Exchange 2000, can anyone help?

Post by Derek Leun » Sun, 25 Feb 2001 20:36:22

Dear all,

I really don't know how to setup the exchange 2000 server, can anyone help

Current I have a Windows 2000 domain controller, with several Windows NT4
BDC connects to it.  And I have an Exchange 5.5 Server (SP3) running on a
Windows 2000 Server machine.  This machine hasn't installed the Active
Directory / DNS.

If I want to upgrade the Exchange Server from 5.5 to 2000, what should I do?

I've read through the article on Technet "A Guild to Upgrading from MS
Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange 2000 Server", and I have even tried
installing a testing machine, let it be a new domain, installing Active
directory and DNS on it, installed an Exchange 5.5 and then upgrade it to
2000, it works fine.

Then I do the "setup" on my real Exchange Server, when I first run the
/forestprep option, it says "A fatal setup error has occured.  Look at
C:\WINNT\Temp\eventlog.txt for more information.  Cancelling setup."

I study the file and it contains the following entries:
[02/24/01,19:08:44] Setup.exe: ***ERRORLOG EVENT*** : Run() :
RunLoadSetup(), an exception has occured.
[02/24/01,19:08:44] Setup.exe: IsRunningUnattended

So what should I do now?

I am also puzzled by one question.  Since my Exchange Server is separated
from my Domain Controller, where should I do the "/forestprep" and
"/domainprep"?  Should they be done on the domain controller then I can
continue my upgrade on the Exchange 5.5 Server?

Sorry for the long texts, I would be greatly appreciate if anyone can help
me to get through this :~)

Derek Leung.


Failure to upgrade Exchange 2000, can anyone help?

Post by Osca » Wed, 18 Jul 2001 06:54:39

This document should answer most of your questions:


1. Exchange server 5.5 upgrade to 2000 failure trying to recover the information fr

I tried upgrading 5.5 with service pack 4 to exchange
server 2000.  The installation went fine, but after
reboot when i attempted to connect to my mailbox it was
giving me an error.  I then saw in the IIS manager
services that there were stop signs next to all the
exchange after stopping and restarting iis they went away
but i still couldn't connect to my mailbox.  At this
point it was starting to get late and i thought the
installation was a failure, so i copied over just the
priv.edb file to another server it's about 1.3 gigs big.  
Then i went ahead and unistalled exchange server 2000 and
reinstalled exchange server 5.5.  And i'm trying to
follow the disaster recovery steps, but i'm not sure if
the database at this point is still in 5.5 format or
2000.  When i try doing an eseutil /g priv.edb it tells
me the database engine is incompatible with the
database.  Does this mean that it is stuck in between
version 5.5 and 2000?  And is there any way of getting
back this information other than sending the database to
a third party data recovery company.  

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