Many New Apps in Windows NT Application Center

Many New Apps in Windows NT Application Center

Post by Bob Elst » Sat, 31 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Beverly Hills Software ( is pleased to announce it
has expanded and redesigned its Consultants Center at The Windows NT
Resource Center.  Provided as another free service to the Windows NT
community, the Consultants Center:

        * Recognizes qualified Windows NT experts

        * Matches consulting skills with clients' needs

        * Forms a pool of NT knowledge that can be tapped by users
looking for solutions.

A listing in the newly-designed Consultants Center provides Windows NT
consultants with free publicity and is an important marketing tool.

To be considered for listing, an individual must indicate the
requisite NT skills and be willing to contribute to BHS's Tech Center.
This includes participating in discussion threads and providing
helpful tips for using Windows NT.


Beverly Hills Software       
             The Windows NT Resource Center
             The BackOffice Resource Center


1. Newly-Designed Windows NT Application Center

The Windows NT Application Center at ( is more
robust than ever.  We streamlined the interface, added keyword
searches for both beginners and advanced users, and added faster, more
powerful queries.  The Application Centers pages are now generated
using ActiveX server framework.

Here's how our inventory of over 500 applications is categorized:

* New
* CGI Perl
* Drivers
* Graphics
* Mail Fax
* Microsoft
* Netscape
* NT Utilities
* Process
* Pub
* Spry
* Symantec
* Web Utilities

We are always looking for more.  If you have a Windows NT- or
BackOffice-compatible shareware or freeware that you would like to add
to our Windows NT Application Center, just:

(1)  FTP to

(2)  Change to the Incoming directory.

(3)  Upload your application to the Incoming directory.

of the application.

The application will added to the database within 48 hours.


Beverly Hills Software       
             The Windows NT Resource Center
             The BackOffice Resource Center

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