Event ID 8250

Event ID 8250

Post by Jeffrey Duby » Sun, 16 Jun 2002 04:53:12

I have a newly installed network with 2 Windows 2000 Advanced Server DC's.
One of the servers is also the Exchange 2000 server.  I have a strange error
in the Event Log that I can't find any information on.  Here's the details:

Source: MSExchangeAl
Category: Service Control
Event ID: 8250
"The Win32 API call "DsGetDCNameW" returned error code (0x862)  The
specified component could not be found in the configuration information.
The serice could not be initiaized.  Make sure that the operating system was
installed properly."

The clients seem to be operating correctly, but there is no Internet
connection yet (it is about 2 weeks away).  I want to make sure that when
the ISP connects them, there will be no problems with Exchange.  Any idea
what this error is ?


1. Event ID's 8213, 8250, 8260

We have a Windows 2000 network with 3 domains, currently running
Exchange 5.5 on one server and Exchange 2000 on another.  We have only
moved a few users over to Exchange 2000 since we are still having some
issues with one of the domains.  We are getting the following Event
ID's every 5 minutes in the Event Viewer of Exchange 2000 (on Domain

Event ID: 8213
Source: MSExchangeAL
Category: Service Control
Type: Error
Couldn't find an accessible writable domain controller for domain
'DC=Domain3,DC=local'. DC=Domain1,DC=local

Event ID: 8250
Source: MSExchangeAL
Category: Service Control
Type: Error
The Win32 API call 'DsGetDCNameW' returned error code [0x54b] The
specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.  The
service could not be initialized.  Make sure that the operating system
was installed properly.

Event ID: 8260
Source: MSExchangeAL
Category: Service Control
Type: Error
Could not open LDAP session to directory 'Domain3_DC.Domain3.local'
using local service credentials. Cannot access Address List
configuration information.  Make sure the server
'Domain3_DC.Domain3.local' is running.  DC=Domain1,DC=local

I have looked up information using Google Groups search and
support.microsoft.com and have not found any useful information.
These event id's are listed, but not all in this cluster.  We suspect
it is a DNS issue, but we have entries that match the same kinds that
are listed for Domain2 (which is working fine with Exchange 2000 right
now).  Domain1 and Domain2 are listed in the global address list, but
Domain3 is not.  Users from Domains 1 and 2 can email each other, but
can not email Domain3.  Domain3 users can not email users in Domains 1
and 2.  We do have a Recipient Update Service for each domain.  Domain
1 has 2 Global Catalog servers.  Domains 2 and 3 have one Global
Catalog server each.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Lori Thedin

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