Outgoing Mail Frozen in QUEUE

Outgoing Mail Frozen in QUEUE

Post by Mark Griffith » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 17:22:22

Hi all,
Anyone throw any light on this scenario:-

I have a customer that has just upgraded their server to an SBS2000 Server
with Exchange 2000.
However, they have not yet upgraded their link to the outside world and
still use an ISDN Dial-on-Demand link.

This seems to be causing major problems with Outgoing E-Mail, as it appears
that if the connection is not up when a user sends an external e-mail, the
mail item gets put in a queue and is frozen. The only way to send the items
is to force an internet connection from the Server (open up an IE session),
unfreeze the queues  and then retry. Which appears to work fine, but is a
major bind to the customer who rarely get time to pop to the server and
check the queues.

Anyone know what might be wrong and how to cure it - they have only just
requested an ADSL link and will probably have to wait 3/4 weeks for it.

Any advice welcome

Mark G.


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