Exchange instant uptime

Exchange instant uptime

Post by Chris Scharff [MVP » Tue, 05 Feb 2002 03:37:03

Quote:>Is it conceptually possible to have a remote site standby
>Exchange server with real-time Information Store and
>Directory Store data available in the event of server
>failure?  If this is a possible configuration using
>clustering, please note that the sites are seperated by a
>frame relay.  Any ideas and discussion are appreciated.  

There are some high availability solutions listed in the web links
section of the site in my .sig.

Chris Scharff
The Mail Resource Center


1. Exchange 2000 uptime estimates


I would like to hear from those who are running E2K,
regarding the average uptime from your experience, like
98%, 99%, etc. Of course this depends on the
configureations, but we just want to know what to expect
on average, without clustering or with.

If you have other performance data on E2K or 5.5, I also
appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

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