Easiest OWA config??

Easiest OWA config??

Post by richar » Wed, 21 Aug 2002 04:51:19

Is it easier to load and config OWA 5.5 on my Exchange
Server or load and config OWA on a separate server



1. SMTP config issue, should be an easy one..

I upgraded my 5.5 server to 2K tonight.

1. My site name included an underscore so I had to rename it prior to
2. This required that I remove the Internet Mail Connection prior to
upgrade as well
3. I upgrade the server, no major issues.
4. Almost everything works, I can access my mailboxes, public folders,
etc.  I have the ability to send mail out from my mailbox.
5. When I send mail back to my E2K server I get an automaitc reply

was undeliverable.

Why can't Exchange route the mail the the appropriate mailbox?

I verified that all services are running, including SMTP.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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