Lotus Notes R5 Client with Exchange Server 5.5

Lotus Notes R5 Client with Exchange Server 5.5

Post by intexdp » Sun, 17 Dec 2000 12:49:33

I have the Exchange Server 5.5 with SP3 as the mail server in the company.
If I now use the Lotus Notes R5 client as the mail client to send/retrieve
to/from the Exchange Server, then how can I accomplish this? Is there any
tools required in Exchange Server or just the setttings in Lotus Notes R5?
Please advise, thanks.



1. Connecting Exchange 5.5 to Lotus Notes R5

Dear anyone,

I've posted this one already on the Swynk Exchange discussion list but the
more reactions the better.

We want to connect an Exchange 5.5 network (64 sites worldwide, 11k
recipients) with a Lotus Notes R5 network (20k recipients).

I now know that:
Exchange server 5.5 bridgehead with Lotus Notes 5 client for Lotus Notes
Connector has to be SP3.
The Lotus Notes E-mail Addressing component must be installed on all 64
Exchange bridgehead servers in order to send and receive mail from Lotus
Notes by way of the bridgehead site.

Still wondering what will happen in the next scenario:
Lotus Notes E-mail addressing component is installed on bridgehead server
connected to Notes environment. Lotus Notes E-mail addressing component is
not installed on bridgehead server site B. Notes recipients are replicated
to Exchange environment and visible in GAL. User in site B sends a message
to Notes recipient. What will happen? Will he or she get an NDR or will it
arrive. With the last option I suppose the Notes recipient can sent a reply
with success?

Rolling out the Lotus Notes E-mail Addressing component on all 64 Exchange
sites gives us a nice change to implement SP3 and/or SP4 also.

Any experience and further tips for setting up the connection and/or
implement the SP's on a larger scale would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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