Upgrade from exchange server v4.0 to v5.5

Upgrade from exchange server v4.0 to v5.5

Post by H » Sat, 31 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hello everyone,

I do have a question, that you good people can answer. We are running
with Exchange server v4.0 sp3. Now we want to upgrade to version 5.5.
So what is my do'es and my dont's? Please help..

Thanks in advance




1. Upgrading Exchange server from V4 to V5.5

I've seen articles about how long it would take to upgrade files from
V4.0 to V5.5 of Exchange Server because of the new database structure.
But I haven't found anything about what the new size limits of these
files would be increased to. We currently have a PRIV file set to
4,513,544KB on one server and a PRIV file set to 4,045,320KB on another
server.  I also could get some help on seeing if we need to get more
memory and a bigger server even before we upgrade to Exchange V5.5.  Can
I use the current LoadSim program to check out our system with V4 or
will it only work with V5.5?  Any help would be greatly appreciated on
these issues.  Thanks in advance.

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