Please Help""""""""""""""

Please Help""""""""""""""

Post by Lucsi Adle » Tue, 20 Nov 2001 09:40:08

Dear All

Could you tell me if any problems reported on Exchange 5.5 with SP4 on
Windows2000 Server and analogue connection (DUN)

The reason of this question because since I upgraded exchange 5.5 sp3 to 4
my e-mails stock in the queue for very very long time or not delivered at


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I recently installed Microsoft Fax, but can't send anyhting...
in the help file, the say to open ms fax optiosn by: Tools, Microsoft Fax
tools, and then choosing options. But when I chosse options, it does
nothing. When I try to accesss it from the control panel, by: control panel,
mail, then selecting Micorosft Fax and choosing properties, it tells me I
miss a .dll ... could someone help me ?
reply to me , and to the newsgroup too.

Thank you

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