Dynamic RAS connector for Exchange Server 5.0 - TCP/IP connection setup ????????

Dynamic RAS connector for Exchange Server 5.0 - TCP/IP connection setup ????????

Post by Eric La » Sat, 13 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have connected two Exchange Server 5.0 with Dynamic RAS connector.
Initially, I use Netbeui as potocol. It works.  However, the connection
stop after a few days.  I searched microsoft support Web and found that
Netbuei do not support Dynamic RAS connection.   TCP/IP and IPX are
I could be able to connect two NT server with TCP/IP, however, I could
NOT find any mail transfer between server. It seems that there is NO RPC
work as that when I connect them with Netbeui.  I would like to know
what kind of component should I install in order that mails could be
actually transferred between this two servers.
Best Regards,
Eric Lao


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Hi, I have had a major headache trying to get a RAS server up and running
properly with MS Exchage Server.

The client is a Toshiba Satellite 4060XCDT with Toshiba Internal v.90

The Server is an HP Netserver running WindowsNT 4.0 as a PDC.

I'm attempting to setup the Toshiba clients so they can dial the server
and transport Internet & Internal mail via Exchange.

I first set them up using NetBEUI and it all worked fine until I
discovered they would get mail with an internet address and it would
bounce back.  Internal mailing worked fine.

I put this down to the connection may need to be over TCP/IP.  After
configuring like this they clients would authenticate OK but couldn't
browse the network or map drives (previously they couldn't browse but
could map drives).  And now Exchange won't connect either.

I've checked all te obvious (RAS protocols allowed etc.) with no luck.

Any advice from you gurus? - Many thanks!

ICQ: 35787861


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