Exchange 2003 RC1 BUG: Uninstall fails if original install location UNC renamed or removed

Exchange 2003 RC1 BUG: Uninstall fails if original install location UNC renamed or removed

Post by Gardner von Hol » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 01:03:29


Looks like if you install Exch2K3 RC1 from a network install UNC, and the
server hosting the UNC is renamed or removed, then you cannot successfully
uninstall exchange from the control panel.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Install Exch2K3 RC1 on computer \\bar from a network install location,
say \\foo\e2k3Ins
    (In my case this was a second server in an existing site).
2) Remove the server \\foo from the network
3) On \\bar, go to add/remove programs.  Choose to remove Exch2K3 RC1
OBSERVE 1:  after longs waits, on 2nd screen, all tasks fail.
OBSERVE 2:  on the install log on the \\bar machine, numerous error messages
about wrong accounts and retrying after waiting.  It appears that the
uninstall script is trying to access the original install location on \\foo
and failing.
EXCPECTED BEHAVOIR:  I expected the uninstall after failing to find the
server to bring up a dialog box asking for an alternate location for the
install files, allowing me to point to the new location of the files (In my
case the server in question had been renamed).
WORKAROUND: Run the Exch2k3 setup program from the new location.  Choose
remove and things work fine.

I was able to workaround this, but thought it should go in the list of
things to look at.


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folder.  It gets about 90% complete and reports the following error

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