Exchange Under Novell

Exchange Under Novell

Post by XXXX » Fri, 01 Aug 1997 04:00:00

We are a large government shop that utilizes novell to authenticate users
(4,000-6,000).  I am looking at using Exchange as our e-mail/groupware
strategy.  I understand that GINA allows a single point of maintenance for
user id's across novell and NT.  Is there anyone out their that has tried
this type of configuration?  (Exchange requires NT domain security, and I
don't/won't handle maintaining user id's across two different security

Any information would be appreciated before I stick my neck out!!

Thanks in advance for your time.



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My client is running Netware and NDS and I want them to implement
Outlook/Exchange as their Groupware solution they currently use a
cheap POP3 package. As they have 5000 users they don't want to replace
Netware (although I am trying!!)

The issue they have is they want single sign on. As I understand it
the options was NDS for NT but I don't thinks that works on 2000 and

So is the only option to use the Windows client to store passwords for
other services and auto log them on.? How secure is this, especially
is the use moves about ?

They have started suggesting running the Outlook Client and the
GroupWise server back end. This sounds really messy and I suspect not
all the Outlook functionality will work. Can anyone tell me some good
reasons why they should not do this ?

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