Cannot upgrade Exchange5.5 to Exchange2000 on member server

Cannot upgrade Exchange5.5 to Exchange2000 on member server

Post by ppp19 » Fri, 14 Feb 2003 13:52:16

Dear All
    Now I have 2 servers in domain
1 server is Domain controller (Active Directory) with ADC and 1 server is
Member Server (Exchange5.5).
    Exchange 5.5 Service account is "exservice" and this account use for
start all exchange service and all the service started and can work on
Exchange and outlook.

    The problem is when I upgrade exchange5.5 to exchange2000 server after
see the screen upgrade I press "next" it ask me about service account
password for "exservice" when I put the correct password it show the error
message "This account must be valid before continuing"
    What is problem ?  Please help ?


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Hi everyone,

I actually have a exchange5.5 sp3 NT4.0sp6 server with owa, IIS3.0 ,
and proxy server, all in the same box. Due to the overload of this
server, i want to move the exchange5.5 portion to a new machine.

I want to install it to a W2k server. I dont need AD for now. Someone
can tell me the differents steps to do this?A nd which services on the
W2k server must be on/off? Do I need to install IIS on the W2k server?

Also, if I move Exchange from the old machine to the new one....the
old machine stay my iis/proxy/firewall server. So my question is how i
will configure my mx records if the new Exchange server will be behind
of my old machine?

Any help would be very appreciated.


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