Exchange setup hangs

Exchange setup hangs

Post by Rich Matheis » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

>I'm having problems with Exchange server setup. I'm installing as first server
>on a Nt 4.0 server (service pack 1). Exchange version is 4.0. The problam is
>that the setup hangs on the final phase, when it is writing to the registry.

>Anyone has experienced this problem? Any probable causes and solutions?

Just a general question: why are you not running SP3 on the NT server?

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1. Exchange setup hangs at site replication service (SRS) installation

I have old NT 4.0 SP 6 domain controller running MS Exchange 5.5 SP3 and a
new W2K Advanced Server SP1 computer. I was planning to transfer domain
controller and exchange server to a new machine. The idea was to have two
domains and two mail servers running simultaneously for some time until I
will be sure that new server is working OK and I can decommission old server
without any work interruption.

I have created new forest and domain, set up ADC, imported all exchange
user&groups information from old machine, then run ForestPrep & DomainPrep
and asked setup to joing Existing Exchange 5.5 organization. When progress
was on "Installing Site Replication Service and initializing", process stops
forever. After analyzing Exchange Server setup log, I guess that setup
successfully installed replication from old machine to new but was unable to
install replication from new machine to old: "recoverable error was found,
will wait n+1 seconds before retry". I am using account with administrative
privileges on both machines. What did I miss? I was following the
instructions described in SixSteps.doc from Microsoft Exchange Web Site.

I tried installation several times by removing exchange and active directory
from new machine but it always gives the same results.

Please help! I give up.

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