NT Rights problem with two-site Exchange setup?

NT Rights problem with two-site Exchange setup?

Post by Randy Ship » Thu, 01 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hi folks...

I'm trying to add a second site to my Exchange organization, and I'm having
a heck of a time.  Here's the background:

NT Domains:  SOUTH and NORTH
Exchange Organization:  COMPANYMAIL
Exchange Sites:  SOUTHMAIL and NORTHMAIL
My NT Account:   SOUTH/RShipp
Exchange Service Account:   SOUTH/EXSERVICE

OK...SOUTHMAILNT is up and running, no problem.  I go to our other office
to put in NORTHMAILNT and get the two sites talking.  The server installs
fine (after I got the trust from NORTH to SOUTH established correctly) and
I use SOUTH/EXSERVICE as the service account for the new site, NORTHMAIL.
So, my server's up and running.  When I log onto NORTH as Administrator, I
can open Exchange Administrator no problem and work with NORTHMAILNT.  When
I log onto SOUTH as RShipp, I get the following message upon trying to get
Administrator to hit NORTHMAILNT:

"A connection could not be made to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer

You do not have the permissions required to complete the operation.

Microsoft Exchange Directory ID no: DS_E_INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_RIGHTS"

I guess I should mention that SOUTH/RShipp is a member of global group
SOUTH/EXGLOBAL which is itself a member of local group NORTH/EXLOCAL, which
has been granted Permissions Admin access to all appropriate parts of the
Exchange "tree".  Anyway, SOUTH/RShipp can fully administer the NORTH
domain, but I can't seem to get SOUTH accounts to be able to hit the

Any thoughts?  I'm sure it's an NT problem, but I can't seem to track it
down, and I can't get the Site Connector working until this is solved...how
do you get one account in a multi-site, multi-domain (two-way trusts) to be
able to administer all those sites' servers?

Randy Shipp
Network Analyst
Advance Paradigm, Inc.

(972) 857-7313


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Thanks in advance

Darryl Burnette

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