Problem with Publishing Pub Folder as Newsgroup

Problem with Publishing Pub Folder as Newsgroup

Post by Mike Paren » Thu, 31 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have gotten this to work before on the same server, but now when I try to
connect to the server from MS Internet News (IE 3.02 w/Authenticode 2.0) I

        An invalid response was received from the server.

On the Server:
Internet News Service is running
Anonymous access is disabled (but did not work either way)
I can telnet to the port (119) without any problems

On MS Internet News Client
Set to logon with username and password
Can logon to other news servers (e.g. this one )

Please Help


1. Publishing public folders as newsgroups from Exchange client

I'm using the downloaded trial Exchange 5.0 Server. I've created a number
of public folders, and I'm trying to connect NNTP clients to read those
public folders. Presumably I need to go into the Properties of the these
folders (within the Exchange client), and use the Internet tab to declare
that the public folder is published.

Thus far, however, the contents of the Internet tab have always been grayed
out. I've fiddled with every setting in the Administrator that I can think
of. NNTP protocol has been enabled for both the server and the client. I
can successfully connect NNTP clients to the server, but they don't see

Is this a feature that has been disabled in the trial version? Or am I
missing something else?

MUCH thanks in advance,

-Georg Buehler
Elsinore Technologies, Inc.

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