Importing existing Microsoft mail .pst and .pab files into Exchange 2000

Importing existing Microsoft mail .pst and .pab files into Exchange 2000

Post by Brad Pear » Fri, 28 Mar 2003 07:11:15

We are currently using the Microsoft Mail service and are
moving to Exchange 2000. I tried a test migration of my
own mail account but was not asked to provide the
location of my existing .pab and .pst files. They are
located in a different directory than the post office on
our old server.

I now have a working exhange account and can send and
receive mail to other MS mail users (I am the only one
with an exhange mailbox so far) BUT, none of my old
emails, tasks, contacts etc... are available in my
Exchange account.

Do I have to manually copy and paste from my old MS Mail
inbox, Calendar, tasks etc... to my new Exchange inbox
Calendar, tasks etc...?  There must be an easier way...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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I am facing a problem in a pst file. I have created a new pst file and
tried to import mails from old pst file. I could not find a way  as
microsoft exchange does not gives option to  import except *.PAB and
*.MMF . Can any body help me in this matter.

Our setup is MSMail as backend and Exchange as frontend .... as we are
in the path of migration



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