KMS will not re-install

KMS will not re-install

Post by Jim Pose » Tue, 29 Oct 2002 02:00:47

After a having to manually uninstall and re-install the
1st Exchange Server 2K, KMS won't re-install.  The error
(0xC103F292)states KMS is already installed for the admin
group.  I'm unable to find a way to uninstall KMS for the
existing group and I've found nothing within MS Support.

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I use test environment to have some practice with Windows PKI and Exchange
2000 KMS. I installed Enterprise Root CA on my DC. Then I installed Exchange
2000 Server Enterprise Edition and successfully enrolled some of test users
into Exchnage email security.

One day back I reinstalled CA (read: I completely removed it and installed
again without backing up keys). Now I experience problems with Exchange
Advanced Security snap-in. It refuses to open properties for Key Manager.

I tried to enroll users with AD Users and Computers snap-in, but System
Attendant sent me "Reply from Security Authority", saying that "The message
from the Microsoft Exchange Key Management Server could not be processed.
Contact your administrator for a new security token, and set up advanced
security again."

I think that newly installed CA and KMS just lost each other. Now KMS
assumes that old CA is in use, checks for it and fails.

The question is: is there any way to either get those folks (CA+KMS)
acquainted again or simply reinstall Exchnage KMS?


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