Notes R5 migration to Exchange 5.5

Notes R5 migration to Exchange 5.5

Post by Richard Warre » Fri, 19 Jan 2001 02:26:39

We are planning to migrate our Domino Notes server to Exchange 5.5 this
weekend.  Has anyone had experience of this?  If so, what tools did you use.
I have tested the mmail.exe tool from the Microsoft site but it failed to
import the e-mails correctly ( error converting rich text ) so all I got was
the headers with no content!  What is the best way to import calenders and
contacts lists?

Any advice would be gretly apreciated.

Thanks in advance



1. Exchange Migration with Notes R5

Has anyone come across any problems migrating R5 mail databases to
Exchange 5.5?  Does the standard migration wizard work with this?  I
have looked up on Microsoft Technet, and all articles refer to R4.x.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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