I'm searching a news server to pull up messages

I'm searching a news server to pull up messages

Post by Sasch » Mon, 29 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I tried with msnews.microsoft.com but i recieve only public messages and not
any other such it.comp.winnt and so on.
I have setup exchange and is fine running on BOS4.5



1. News pull isn't pulling / Exch 5.5

As I understand the "pull" feature it is to act as if a news client is
logged onto the ISP's news server and therefor no special stuff or treatment
needed by/from ISP. Do I understand this correctly?

I get the following in the event log. Is feed -2 correct? i.e. the minus
number, or is that simply a dash?

From event log:
Inbound Feed Status Report.  In the last 60 minutes the inbound feed -2 on
virtual server 1 has successfully received 0 articles, has asked the remote
server to retry 0 articles, and has had 0 soft errors and 0 hard errors
trying to receive and store articles.  The inbound feed -2 corresponds to
articles picked up from the pickup directory.  The inbound feed -1
corresponds to articles posted by clients.

Needless to say... no news is apearing in exchange.

Any ideas?

TIA - Heinz
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