Exchange 5.5 HIGH CPU Utilization on Threads

Exchange 5.5 HIGH CPU Utilization on Threads

Post by Mike Shank » Fri, 12 Jun 1998 04:00:00

We are upgrading our 5 Exchange servers to v.5.5.

3 have gone well (clean install on new server, rename and then copy IS to
new server and do a push pull)

On 1 we have had problem w/high CPU utilization on a single thread (takes
85 - 95% of CPU).

We have been working w/MS have installed ALL hotfixes. Have run all DB
utilities, if we run ISINTEG/PATCH thread goes down fro about 30 min and
then creeps back up.

Working w/MS to allow them to do DEBUG.

Has anyone else encountered this ???

Manager, Network Services


1. Exchange and High CPU utilization

I recently moved from a Dual Xeon 1 GHZ 1GB SDRAM to a
Dual Xeon 2GHZ with 2GB DDR... Before CPU utilization
was at about 7% on 1GHz system now on the new system it is
at 32%...

The culprits appear to be SNMP.EXE and Services.EXE

Is this normal?

What gives?  Is this normal?


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