Can a second exchange be setup in the same network?

Can a second exchange be setup in the same network?

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> Press Release      Source: Victor Industries    

> Victor Industries Signs Canadian
> Distributor

> Thursday, October 17, 4:31 am ET

> MCMINNVILLE, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 17, 2002--Victor
> Industries, Inc. (OTCBB:VICI - News) announced that the Company
> has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Servimex
> Canada LTD.

> Servimex will have exclusive distribution rights in Canada, Mexico,
> Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

> "Leandro has arranged the production of a Canadian approved
> version of our ENVIROLIZER(tm) box with both French and English
> on the package. His initial order of 5 tons will be shipped in one
> super sacks and boxed locally. We have been concentrating our
> at marketing primarily in the west so far but have received some
> interest from the East coast as well. As I said in our last release
> will announce distributors as they are signed," said Carson Coleman
> CEO of the Company.

> "The exclusive nature of Servimex Canada LTD is dependent on certain
> minimum orders in which I have confidence Mr. Silva can meet and
> hopefully exceed. We have to remember that this is the first product
> of its kind offered on the market and to expect a lengthy
> process. However, as the consumer comes to realize the convenience
> watering and fertilizing their plants less frequently as well as the
> environmental benefits of reducing nitrate and phosphate pollution
> Company believes our orders will continue to increase."

> This news release may contain forward-looking statements within the
> meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended,
> Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Such
> statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause
> actual results to vary materially from those projected in the
> forward-looking statements. The Company may experience significant
> fluctuations in operating results due to a number of economic,
> competitive and other factors. These factors could cause operation
> results to vary significantly from those in prior periods, and those
> projected in forward-looking statements. Information with respect to
> these factors which could materially affect the company and its
> operations are included on certain forms the company files with the
> Securities and Exchange Commission.

> Contact:
>      Victor Industries
>      Carson Coleman, 503/435-8165

>       or
>      Servimex Canada LTD


I have one exchange 2000 setup already in my network and I want to add
second exchange 2000 in my network..Can this be done and how??thanks


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I would like to test our Exchange backups by restoring the information store
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will affect our other Exchange servers.  We have about 12 sites in our
organization with about 16 Exchange servers total worldwide.  Can anyone
please tell me what would happen if I put another Exchange server on our
network?  And if this plan of action would cause problems, how can we test
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