Setup Failed at bin/store.exe

Setup Failed at bin/store.exe

Post by Sandi Parrot » Sun, 25 Feb 2001 11:16:03

I've recently installed Exchange 2K on a Win2K server.  It failed at the
information store installation and wouldn't execute the store.exe file.  It went
on to skip and fail the "message and collaboration" section of installation, and
finished installing the rest of Exchange.  Now I can't start the information
store services and worse, I can't uninstall it Exchange at all.  I get an error
message stating that I can't unistall while there are users connected to the
server, but on the client machines I get an error stating that the Exchange
server is down. I cannot delete anyone's mail boxes either.  What can I do to
correct this problem and get Exchange installed and running properly?

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It may be a corrupt message in the IMS queue in the IS.

There is a way to view the IMS queue & clear it.  Check out:
Greg Askew


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