Multihomed NT4 Exchange 5.5 - WIN2000\EXCHANGE 2000 UPGRADEi

Multihomed NT4 Exchange 5.5 - WIN2000\EXCHANGE 2000 UPGRADEi

Post by MIKE_CARMICH.. » Sat, 21 Oct 2000 04:00:00

I have a multihomed NT4 server with 2 network cards, one network card
runs the X400 connector to a parent company and the other connects to
our switch.  I was wondering if Windows 2000 server and Exchange 2000
will support this in anyway if I upgrade.

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I have 12 servers in my domain, 11 of them have been successfully migrated
over the past year to Windows 2000 server.  The last NT4 server left has
Exchange 5.5sp4 installed.  These services on the last NT4 server will be
housed on new hardware, final result will be a native mode win2k domain with
Exchange 2000.

I have restored Exchange 5.5 before, but it was always on the same operating
system.  Heres my question.

Can I install Win2k on the new hardware, then EX5.5, do the restore, do the
prerequisites for Exchange 2000 then upgrade that box to Exchange 2000?

Or do I have to do NT4 on the new box, EX5.5, upgrade to Win2k then upgrade
to Exchange 2k.  I desire the first option, a nice clean install of Win2k.

Thanks for your responses, I'm doing this tomorrow.

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