migration of exchange server

migration of exchange server

Post by Mitesh Parma » Sun, 27 Oct 2002 20:43:15

we require to migrate on new server with the new
organization name and new domain. i would like to move all
the users with the exchange information store to new
server in the organization. i am planning to make pst for
each user and uploading to new server. is there any
simplest mathod to move entire information store to new

pl. give some idea.


1. help for migration between exchange server on different site

I've a problem.
I need to realize a migration between to exchange server on
different site.
I used the migration tool of BORK but, when I try to migrate
any mailbox on the resulting log file i find:-FAILURE,No Personal Store in
the migration profile (error code 0x0)-
tahnk u all

Raffaele Di Natale

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