NtBACKUP No Longer works after removing Ex5

NtBACKUP No Longer works after removing Ex5

Post by Keit » Thu, 02 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I replaced NTBACKUP.EXE with the version from the NTS4.0 CD and reapplied
SP#3.  I am still getting the same results, that is NTBACKUP hangs after
checking netlogon.chg during normal backups.  I checked Task Manager when
this occurred this time, and the CPU was at 97% utilization, the process
consumed a fluctuating 6 -12 mb of mem usage, and Task Manager said the
application was Not Responding.  The NTBACKUP panel reported netlogon.chg
was in use, and was skipped.  This is where I sit now, wondering why?

Rob John


1. NTBACKUP No longer works properly after removing EX5

Recently installed exchange 5.0 to get some experience setting it up, it
went fine! After removing it, NTBACKUP started hanging after checking the
NETLOGON share.  I did find a registry hack for skip open files, but it had
no effect.  

Any ideas or pointers would be appreciated!  Please respond by email if

Thanks, Rob

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