smtp problems - new exchange admin - please help

smtp problems - new exchange admin - please help

Post by Brian Mille » Wed, 30 Oct 2002 07:45:45

Our organization currently has exchange 5.5 and we are looking to move to
exchange 2k.  Installing exchange 2k on a server was no prob, and any user
using exchange 2k can send mail to any e-mail address outside of the
company.  However when someone tries to send mail to someone else on the
exchange 2k server, the mail is not received. I suspect this has to do with
the e-mail addresses created in exchange5.5 that are now trying to be used.
Part of the problem is that many of the addresses appear to have a "&" in
the e-mail address, and I suspect this doesn't help at all.  I know how to
change the individual e-mail addresses, but what do I need to do to ensure
all local mail is delivered correctly?

Thanks, Brian


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2 days ago I had a Hard Drive crash on my exchange server <<<< no big deal
it was Raid 5
but after some inspection I found that the RAID backplane was screwed so a
discussion was made to create a new server and put Exchange on it.
No big Deal, configured the server renamed the old on server which was SPOCK
to SPOCK1 named the new server SPOCK now SPOCK1 is/was a BDC the new Spock
is not E-mail is up and running fine but I have noticed some residual
problems. Anywhere I had given a local group access to a mailbox they can no
longer see it. It tells them that no do not have permission to view the
mailbox. Any Ideas? please this has me stumped
If I need to make this a BDC is there any way to make a normal server a BDC
with having to completely reinstall?

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