OWA problem

OWA problem

Post by Andre » Fri, 17 Jan 2003 06:03:57

When I access my mailbox through OWA i get a error dialog the pops up with
nothing in it and then my mailbox doesnt load.

However if I access my mailbox from another pc it comes up fine

Also I cannot access anyone elses mailbox form my pc without getting that

There has to be something wrong with my browser



1. OWA Problem (Delegates Cannot Use OWA to Modify Appointments)

We are about to deploy an OWA based solution but suffer
from the problem described in KB article 306830:

If you use Outlook to delegate access to your Calendar to
another user, the user cannot use Microsoft Outlook Web
Access (OWA) to modify any of the items in the Calendar
Delegates have read-only access to the principal user's
Calendar folder if they use OWA. This behavior is by
design. "

Is there a workaround (other than Outlook) or will this
problem will be fixed in a SP soon?

Best regards,

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