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In reference to Q155216, Section Restoring the Exchange
Server Data to New Computer, Item #1:

How can I tell on my old computer what Hot Fixes are


1. Event ID 7031 / post sp3 hotfixes

Hi there,

I have recent quite frequent the problem that the exchange server stops
without any clues.
I checked the event viewer, it showed ID 7031.
checking KB support,;en-us;814924
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem
in Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server.
and of course, i cannot fix it.
checking the hotfixes again,  after the sp3, there are already about
100 more hotfixes for exchange server.
I just cannot find the corresponding fix for my problem.
any hints, when ms will release the sp4?

if someone here had faced that problem, please share your solutions.

thanks a lot.


Thanks and Best Regards,
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