Problems with ccmail connector for MSExchange 5.0

Problems with ccmail connector for MSExchange 5.0

Post by Andre » Wed, 04 Mar 1998 04:00:00

We are running Exchange 5.0 with SP1 and ccmail version 2.21 concurrently.
I was informed this morning there was another service pack available for
5.0 but we haven't installed it yet.  

On two separate occasions in the last 2 months the connector appears to
have clobbered the ccmail post office resulting in serious NFT errors on
the ccmail po and this has necessitated a restore of the whole \ccdata

After the 1st time we setup an interim ccmail po between the Exchange
server and the working ccmail po and this limited the damage on the second

Any tips or advice on how to make the connector more robust, or run more
efficiently, or any other experiences with the ccmail connector in Exchange
5.0 would be much appreciated.

Andrew McEwan
IT Manager, Aurora Gold


1. CCMail Connector for Exchange 5.0 SP1

I have set up the CCMC and had similar problems. This is what I found out and

A) I installed the CCMC and within the 'Connector for cc:Mail Properties'
'Postoffice'-Tab I entered the current cc:Mail Postoffice Name, Password and

B) In the 'Configuration' 'Site-Addressing Properties', 'Site Addressing'-Tab I
edited the CCMAIL-address like ' at EXCHPO' (one blank at the beginning of the
string). This name entered here is a 'pseuso' postoffice name that must be
entered in cc:Mail's  mail directory. My Exchange was not able to insert this
directory entry (don't ask me why, I don't know until now). So I manually
created the entry using cc.Mail's ADMIN-utility. The entry must be defined as
postoffice, without address and a comment 'MSExchangeCCMC <servername>' (for
<servername> enter the name of your Exchange server).

C) Change the password of the newly created Postoffice. Use the same as your
postoffice password!!!

I still have some problems with the CCMC. For example sometimes when I do a
directory synchronization, this process deletes the (manually) created
postoffice name within the cc:Mail directory. Therefore I have set the
propagation flag for this entry to 'L'ock.
I'm sure, that I have made some mistakes in setting up the CCMC, but it works
fine and transfers mail and attachments in both directions! Actually I am using
the Exchange server also as the Internet Mail gateway for the cc:Mail users.
They only need to address to 'EXCHPO' to send out the mail.

See above: Define 'pseudo' postoffice in cc:Mail directory.

The commands that the CCMC uses for Import and Export are defined a) in the
files /exchsrvr/ccmcdata/*.ini and b) in the registry under
Here I also changes the defaults for 'Seconds to wait before Import' and ' ...
before Export' to a much bigger value, becuase it makes no sense to import and
export every 10 seconds.

Hope this helps you a little bit further.

Christian Hofmann, Communicate! GmbH, Munich, Germany

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