migrating to ex2k

migrating to ex2k

Post by O. Paq » Wed, 17 Jan 2001 19:32:42

We want to migrate from Lotus Notes to Ex2k.
Current OS is NT4sp6a (< 5 servers).
PDC is also an application server, can't upgrade it to Win2k (yet).
We have new server hardware to install Win2k on.
NT4 PDC and Win2k DC cannot coexist, so....
Do we make the Win2k box a DC, and demote the current PDC to a BDC?
If not, what is the right approach?



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I have recently upgraded all the Exchange servers in my
organization to Win2k. I noticed that there are MTA
warnings showing up in the event log saying that it was
unable to connect to one of the Exchange 5.5 servers that
was removed from the organization.

This doesn't appear to be causing any problems. I would
just like to get it taken care of so I don't have to
wonder if it is GOING to cause any problems.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Matt Burningham

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