Internet Mail Service Will Not Start

Internet Mail Service Will Not Start

Post by Hoolliga » Fri, 29 Mar 2002 23:30:29

Bob the best idea would be to unistall and reinstall the internet mail
service ,as nothing is stored there you won't lose any data , and hopefully
you can remember the config of the IMS so it will remake the connection !

Quote:> I need help getting the Internet Mail Service started.  I
> just completed upgrading our mail service with larger
> hard drives and rebuilt the server with the original
> setup (computer name, organization, site, etc.).  I
> restored the directory and information stores from an
> offline backup.

> Upon restarting the server, all service have successfully
> started with the exception of the Internet Mail Service.
> When I attempt to start the service from the Services
> application in Control Panel, I receive the following
> error:

> "Could not start the Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail
> Service on \\MAIL.  Error 2140: An internal Windows NT
> error occurred."

> The attached file also contain a screenshot of the error
> from Event Viewer.

> Please help if you can.  This is an urgent request.

> Thank you!


1. Internet Mail Service Connector -- service not starting

I am running exchange 5.5, and I can not get the Internet Mail Service
Connector to start reliably.  Some times I get an "exception in user32.dll"
and the service fails to start.  other times I get  "An internal NT error
occurred" and the service fails to start.

Does anyone know what rights the service account needs to start correctly,
and what might cause an exception in  user32.dll.  I started to have these
problems after rebuilding my MS PROXY 2.0 machine, is there something I may
have forgotten to set there.

When I do get the service to start, (which it does sometimes) I can only get
it to deliver some messages, it's like it can't resolve all the host names.
Like some sites it connects to every time, other sites, (HOTMAIL, YAHOO.COM,
and most .EDU) it never connects,  SO I can send mail (ISP's mostly) to some
people  but not everyone.

This is becoming a real headache and I can't afford to rebuild the Exchange

Any help would be appreciated.

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