Exchange migration 0x8007203a

Exchange migration 0x8007203a

Post by Elia » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 01:57:16

I'm trying to migrate an Exchange 5.5 server into an
Exchange 2000 server accross different domains. The trusts
are setup fine but when I try to use the migration wizard,
I get an error "An unknown error has occurred 0x8007203a".
It happens when it's trying to bring up the list of
accounts to choose from for the migration. Any help would
be greatly appreciated.

1. Exchange 2000 server - Error 0x8007203A when running forestprep

When I run setup with /forestprep, I get the following:

" Setup failed while installing sub-component Microsoft
Exchange Organization-Level Container Object with error
code 0x8007203A"

I previously had an Exchange 2000 Server running as a test
server. I uninstalled Exchange on this server with Setup.
I want to install Exchange 2000 on a new server, but I am
trapped with this message.

The network environment I'm running has 3 W2K domain
The network is a native Win 2000 environment.

I looked up this error. Whatever I found on the Microsoft
site, I've tried.
I manually removed Exchange 2000 from Active Directory
using ADSI or ldp.exe.
But I'm still running into this.


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