Problems installing Exchange 5.5/Joining existing site

Problems installing Exchange 5.5/Joining existing site

Post by dkem » Fri, 11 Jan 2002 23:51:53

I'm receiving the following when installing Exchange
Server 5.5.
-An internal error has occurred during directory
replication. Stop and then restart the directory service.
the try director replication again. Microsoft Exchange
Server Setup  ID no: c1030b0d.
- The event server has:
Event ID: 1171   Exception e0010002 has occurred with
parameters 9 and 0 (internal ID 30c0886). Contact
Microsoft Technical Support for assistance.

Followed by:

Event ID: 2013 An error occurred adding replica of naming
context   << 0xc1030b>>

I have tried to uninstall manually with no luck. Please


1. Exchange 5.5 Setup Problems joining an existing site

I am trying to install Exchange 5.5 on a W2K server, and
receive the following error messages during the
replication phase of the Setup process:

A connection could not be made to the remote directory
service, possibly due to a network failure. Be sure both
directory services are running and that your network is
available and running and then try again.

Microsoft Exchange Setup Error: c1030b11.

I am able to ping both IP address and host names from
both servers, and I have added entries in the local HOST
file for both servers.

Any ideas how to get around this?

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