MAPI permissions -v- Win2000 permissions

MAPI permissions -v- Win2000 permissions

Post by Bill » Fri, 22 Nov 2002 10:09:47

Does anyone know how to "magically" make the Win2000 permissions reflect the
actual Mapi permission settings?

One of our bonehead NT admins changes permissions at the OS level, and now
the Mapi permissions don't work.. (because security is governed by the Win2k

Know how to do this for each user, but the time to do this would be



1. MAPI (Public Folders) Client Permissions

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I have problems figuring out how to program Client Permissions on MAPI-
folders (Public Folders.). As I understand this is somewhat different
than programmming Security Descriptor on other Exchange 2000 Folders or
I am not able to find any documentation on this issue.
I do have the MSDN October 2000 Library and I am using the book authored
by Mindy Martin (Microsoft Press) published Oct/Nov 00.
I also have the E2K Resource Kit.
The PFADMIN.EXE from the Resource Kit does not seem to support other
than ordinary ACL and not the MAPI roles and setting connected to these.

Do anybody know a way to programmatically set and retrieve these
(I use Visual Basic 6.0 as my programming primary tool.)

Geir Olav Heiene

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