Ex5.5 to Ex2000

Ex5.5 to Ex2000

Post by SysAdmi » Tue, 03 Apr 2001 21:38:40

I have Windows NT 4.0 Server SP6 (PDC), Exchange 5.5 SP4 and I would like to
move this to a new machine: Windows 2000 Server SP1 (DC), Exchange 2000.

What is the best way to do it? I would like to move all users and all
mailboxes to this new server.



Ex5.5 to Ex2000

Post by Osca » Wed, 25 Jul 2001 06:25:58

First you would have to upgrade your NT4 server to Windows 2000 and Active
Directory -

then follow this article:



1. Ex5.5 to Ex2000 in 2003 domain

Well I'll be.  That did the trick!  I put the ADC on a W2K
member server and I didn't have the problem.  I searched
google groups and MS KB articles high and low and never
noticed this small but all-important fact.  I just
wouldn't have thought that you'd need a W2K server in your
2003 domain to set up an ADC to an NT4 box with EX5.5.

Thanks for putting me onto that!

Philip Williams

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