burn mp3

burn mp3

Post by Jan » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 08:12:55

how can i burn a mp3 cd with windows mediaplayer 9

burn mp3

Post by Jonathan Maltz [MS-MVP » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 08:34:00

You will want to try a Windows Media Player group.  This group is for
Exchange Server

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Quote:> how can i burn a mp3 cd with windows mediaplayer 9


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We use emails to replicate records of database all across our group
(asia, europe, US) for misc tech reasons.
We use Exchange5.5 on each site.

We seem to have a burned account on a route from one account/server
(France) to another account/server (Taiwan). I do not know if this
concept exist in Exchange, but this fact seems to happen after a huge

The Exchange admin person in Taiwan has told she didn't do anything
like filtering or anything else.
Instead to be received in minutes as usual between these 2 countries,
a simple mail (no attachement) between these specifics accounts spend
4 hours "somewhere" before to be received.

Is there any automatic process on Exchange at the source or at the
target which is going to disable something or slow down something ?
Is there any filtering possible between our 2 servers, I mean on the
Internet which transport the emails. I do not really understand and
know what's happen to an email behind my Exchange Server and beofre
the Taiwan one. We use provider and not frame relay.

Any reasons ?

We have implemented a relay somewhere which turn around the issue, but
we haven't solve the issue itself.

thank you

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