What attributes can be imported from csv file?

What attributes can be imported from csv file?

Post by Rich Matheis » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

>Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of which attributes can be
>imported and what their names are?  Right now, I'm wanting to import users
>and set the "Alternate recipient" and tell it to deliver to both.

There are two sources of that information. One is on the Exchange
Server CD in the migrate\docs directory -- the Migration Guide. Each
chapter is in a separate file. The one you want is Appendix D, the
list of all properties and attributes.

The other is in the Exchange RK -- the headers.exe utility. It will
show you a list of all available properties and attributes and create
the .CSV file header for you (leaving you without the possibility of
making a typing misteak).

Alternatively, you could run the ADMIN program in raw mode and examine
the raw properties of an object. Selecting "All" values will show you
not only the names of the properties and attributes, but also the
values asigned to them. Just don't go changing anything without
understanding what you're doing!
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