How can I restore the mailbox which delete accidentally??

How can I restore the mailbox which delete accidentally??

Post by Ukyo » Wed, 08 Aug 2001 08:33:41

Hey all,

Can anyone here can walk me via how to restore a
Mailbox which I just delete 3 days ago.
My tombstone lifetime value is 18.
Garbage collection inerval is 30 as well.
Thank you so much!!


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I accidentally deleted a mailbox and I need to restore it. I have been using
Arcserve for windows NT 6.5 with the  exchange agent but it did not back up
the bricks layer. I DO have a full backup of the priv.edb how can I sue this
to restore the data. I know I can recreate the server and then restore the
file, but size of the edb file restricts this. is their a way I can restore
this to another subdirectory on the PO and then open it?

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