Help with lack of message retreival

Help with lack of message retreival

Post by Brenda Gie » Fri, 03 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have a user who is offsite and uses a cable modem for his internet access.
I also have a cable modem hooked up in the office for internet the same ISP.

We have taken this a step further and added RRAS and PPTP to the server so
we can take advantage of the VPN connection.  So, my offsite user accesses
the network through the cable modem.

The server has NT4/sp3, Exchange server 5.5, Proxy 2, IIS4 on it.  The user
has NT4 wkstation/sp3, Outlook 8.03.

The offsite user is able to get to my server without using the VPN
connection due to the fact that we are using the same ISP (same IP

The problem:
My offsite user does not receive his mail in a timely manner.  He has to
click on check for new mail, where he gets mail that was sent hours earlier.
This happens with both methods of connections.  Sometimes, he may start with
the VPN connection and everything will be fine, but the longer he stays
connected, the worse the e-mail responses are.

Any ideas will be helpful.

Brenda Gies
The Buckle, Inc.


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