exchange scripting

exchange scripting

Post by code_wariio » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 23:47:05

Hello, what I am trying to do is write a few scripts to
help clean up the public folders mess.  I am hoping for a
few concrete answers so I can get started. Any help is
greatly appreciated.
- Where do I create my scripts (in exchange or elsewhere)?
- after a script is created how do I run it on a set of
folders with exchange?
- are CDO and MAPI the same thing?

any help to get me started would be greatly appreciated.


1. Exchange Scripting with VB Script

    All I need to do know is how to open a form using code....there doesn't
seem to be any help anywhere for this.  I am using the scripting that comes
with the newest release of exchange (VB Script) and I want an outlook form
to automatically open when a new form arrives in a specific folder.  Anyone
have any ideas?!

Public Sub Folder_OnMessageCreated
    (What goes in here???)
End Sub


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