New Mailbox Creation Does Not Complete

New Mailbox Creation Does Not Complete

Post by Steve Johnso » Fri, 01 Mar 2002 01:58:21

Hello All,

Please help.

Every once in a while, when I add new users in active
directory their mailbox does not get created in Exchange

The issue works itself out if I reboot the Active
Directory controllers so I relize it has * something * to
do with the connectivity to Active Directory.
Again, If I rebbot the AD server the probelm resolves

My question is does anyone know what serveices I may be
able to simply *restart* and on which server ( Ie. AD
Global Catalogoue server or Exchange Server) to allow me
to not need to reboot ??



1. Exchange 5.5, All new account creations can not send messages to the internet

Every new accout that is set up on exchange5.5 can only
send messages internally, all mail that the user tries to
send outside is returned with the message "communication
failure" all accounts already created work fine. the
server crashed and exchange was reinstalled as was the
data and information store. It is since this event
happened that new account creations fail to send messages
via the internet

any ideas welcome

thanks jon lappin

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